Update 8/29/18 - Controller oriented movement added!

A lot of you asked for this so I added an option to switch between HMD and controller oriented movement when using trackpad locomotion.

Thanks for playing!


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Aug 29, 2018

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Game is so comfortable to play and the objects are so 3d in vr you can almost touch them.The snapturn does work but in reverse.I turn the thumbstick right and it goes left...no problem.

Is it getting snapturn soon for oculus ?

Snapturn is available in the most recent update! :D

Is it working on oculus,the snapturn...if so what to do to work it?

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After a lot of testing, it seems you need to gold down the left trigger, then click down the left thumbstick in the direction you want to turn.

Obviously slows the game down a lot and kills a lot of the immersion, but at least its possible!