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Nice port!

Only real issue for me was the snap turning didn't work.

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I couldn't get the snap turn to work on my Oculus Quest 2 via the link cable. Holding down left trigger doesn't allow analog stick to turn for me.

i can't get the game 

great job when porting it you really blew my mind the only thing that i would add is that could you make switching to your knife easier for quest, thanks

Legit gam3


Is it possible to make it so you can turn with your right stick? It's pretty cool, but turning doesn't actually work as stated on Rift S and I don't really care for snap turning anyway.

i cant find the executable for the game in the folder 

do i need a copy of wolfenstein to run it


do you think you could add support for quest and quest 2


use oculus link


This is a PC game, porting to android is a little more work than you'd expect and while I'd love to see it, this dev gave up on this port before it had chance to become something special, so I can't see an android port coming out of nowhere any time soon.

It can be played with Oculus Link or Virtual Desktop on your Quest though, and plays well enough.


I have been working very hard on another remake of the Wolfenstein 3-D engine, this time not only with the shareware but also with support for commercial Wolfenstein 3-D, Spear of Destiny, the Nocturnal Missions and even Super 3D Noah's Ark. Plus mods of all of the above. As a native Quest app AND for PC.

I started it in August 2019 and I expect it to be finished sometime this year. (in 2021)


Just happened to see this comment and have taken a look at your work - that looks fantastic.  I'm really looking forward to it's completion.  Thank you for your efforts to bring the classic back in a very pure form!

if you go on side quest and download doom quest and doomzquestand look for it.

This is fantastic. My only real complaint is how overly compressed the music sounds. Please consider upgrading the bitrate.

This is awesome.

The controls are a bit awkward (Atleast on the Rift S), snap-turning is a tad unresponsive and the controls generally could use more customization.

But other than that this is just fun to play.

Whoever owns the Wolf3D IP these days really dropped the ball here, i would gladly pay for a full, smoothed out version.

nice work realy fun

Great game!


Nice port. I just would wish that snap turning could be mapped on the right analog stick of the Valve Index knuckle controller instead of left trigger + left Analog stick.

Is there any way to remap this?

can you make it in a zip file?


Im still downloading this even if its no longer being updated. This site is amazing me. To find the very game from my childhood i played SO MUCH but now in VR. Must have for what it is.

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It looks as though the developer of this port has gone dark (such a shame considering how popular these types of releases have become in the last few years).

So for those curious about playing this on the Oculus Quest, I've done some testing using Virtual Desktop (not tried Oculus Link yet, although this should work too) and the game does run and play well with a few oddities.


  • Movement
  • HMD Turning
  • Door interaction
  • Shooting
  • Sound (after clicking mouse over game window)


  • Snapturning - Requires holding left trigger, and clicking down left thumbstick in the direction you wish to turn.
  • Accurate Aiming - Bullets seem to hit either much higher or much lower than you're aiming.
  • Difficulty - Appears to be locked to the hardest difficulty, I imagine to artificially increase playtime.
  • Further Episodes - This port comes with only the first episode and has no way to import your own.
  • Sound - Game is completely silent until you click the window again on your PC.

I'd be interested in hearing from people who attempted to play via Steam Link and whether other people have had issues with aiming or turning, and what their solutions were, if any.

I'm guessing this was written in an environment that doesn't support Android, hence the lack of Go and Quest versions...?

Also, is there no way to import files from my old CD-ROM copy of Wolfenstein 3D so that I can play the whole thing...?

I think since this conversion is made in Unreal Engine there's no simple way to add the rest of the episode officially, which is a shame.

Not at all. It's just a matter of parsing a file, and that's entirely doable in UE.

u can 

I had to send back one of my valve index controllers to get it fixed, can I still play the game with 1 controller?

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Ive been trying to get this game for a while. When ever I try to download it, it downloads as a notepad. Any help?

you need winrar to extract the notepad, right click on the notepad and then click extract files, it will extract into a file adn inside will be the exec.



I'm using Oculus Rift and I couldn't get snap turning to work.  I wish it was just on the right thumbstick like other games. Otherwise good work, I like how you have to reach out to open doors rather than just press a button. Now if only someone would add snap turning to that VR Doom port...

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I can say the same here as above. The rift controller maps shown does not match the regular mapping at all (which all does fell nicely). The only that does not work is snapturn that could been mapped to the right stick.


Hi! It's very cool. What's about Doom 1 & 2 in VR???

Search for GZDoomOpenVR

There is actually a more updated version of OpenVR Doom available which adapts the changes from DrBeef's QuestZDoom and is ported to GZDoom 4.2.4 engine

thx boiis

How was this made? Incredible job, good work.

when i try to unzip it, it says there isn't anything in the folder. can help?


Cool as shit! Can't turn with the Oculus Rift S stick, but honestly I had a lot more fun ACTUALLY turning around and moving. Good stuff.

Doesn't work for me either, the only snap turning I can do is by holding the left grip button and pressing X and that just turns left.  Would be nice to have it just mapped to the right control stick like every other VR game in existence.


game is good you need play very good


Great game and loads of fun greatly recommend

Love this, just wish the bullets were slower so I could dodge and actually survive.


It also works great with the Valve Index


Quest it dude if you can.


I have played it on the quest via vrdesktop and its cool but off some.

Release for quest and sideload vr please.Jesusavesouls !

Great Game!

Is there a chance of porting the game to the Oculus Quest? 

Would be awesome!

Would love more of these classic games in vr! Great job!


Quest version maybe?

hello there i have a problem with the sound

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Try clicking the game window on your PC.

Hello my sound on the game doesnt work could somebody help me ?

I had the same, on your computer click on the game window then it should work.

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Try clicking the game window on your PC.


Yeah lets get apk for the quest.

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