A downloadable game for Windows

Unwirklichstein is an ongoing project to recreate Wolfenstein 3D with minor updates, such as online leaderboards, while staying true to id Software's original masterpiece.

As the name suggests ("unwirklich" meaning "unreal" in German) this game is being developed using Unreal Engine. This allows for dynamic lighting and particle effects to bolster the original aesthetic of Wolf3D.

As the project continues, additional levels will be added with the intention of recreating all of the original episodes.

Install instructions

1. Unzip Unwirklichstein.rar

2. Run Unwirklichstein.exe


Unwirklichstein.rar 318 MB

Development log


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I cant play this, would you mind telling me more in detail how to play? im on windows 10 

wdym? Like controls?


It's fucking amazing. except one thing, the graphics are too highdef for me to actually play the game effectively without dying to the first enemy.


very cool. now I can play this instead of attempting to pirate it! thanks!

Awesome, I don't know if I prefer this to the other one or not!